Over the past 25 years, CIRION has developed a strong expertise in the field of virology. Our laboratories can provide BSL-2 services such as cell culture and infectivity capability. Many common viruses can be detected and quantified with our standard assays:

Immunogenicity Assessment for the Humoral Antibody Response

Specific antibody measurement:
   Ligand-binding assay
- ELISA, ECLIA, inhibition ELISA: qualitative and quantitative/titer;
- Antibody isotyping assay.

Functional antibody measurement:
   Hemagglutination inhibition assay
   Cell-based assay
- Viral-neutralization assay;
- Plaque inhibition assay.

Immunogenicity Assessment for Cell-Mediated Immunity

Measurement of immune cells' response upon exposure to specific antigens:
           Flow cytometry from whole blood or from PBMC.

Efficacy Assessment

Measurement of antigen or other markers:
           Ligand-binding  : biomarkers with multiplexing capability;
           Molecular assays : qPCR for viral load quantification and  subtyping.

Exposure and Safety Assessment

Measurement of infectivity and biodistribution
           Cell-based assays and molecular assays 



These are only a few examples of CIRION's service offering. For more information, or a special request, please contact us toll free at 1-866-688-2474 or by e-mail at


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